What do McDonald’s and Online Marketing have in common?

What do McDonald's and Online Marketing have in common?

Why do you think McDonald’s always makes sure their food stores are situated at the prime spots in the city? It’s always an intersection or heavily trafficked area, isn’t it.

While this is important for any traditional business, the same is true for an online business. The only difference is that for an online business our real estate is on the Internet. The question you have to ask yourself as an online marketer is:

At which intersection(s) on the Internet can I find people who are looking for what I have to offer?

What do McDonald's and Online Marketing have in common? Location, Location, Location.

What is an intersection on the Internet? Well, the analogy for an Intersection on the Internet is … a WEBSITE, or more specific… a WEBPAGE! A website is more like a city, town or neighborhood consisting of several intersections. All the traffic passing through the intersection are basically the people visiting the website and landing on a specific webpage.

Are we in the Hamburger or Real Estate business?

So, what does McDonald’s do? They choose one of the prime real estate spots at the corner of or nearby a heavily trafficked intersection. That piece of real estate is basically a space on the webpage where you can place your Ad, and when someone clicks on your Ad they are opening the door to your own store… YOUR webpage. Does that make sense?

What do McDonald's and Online Marketing have in common? Location, Location, Location.

Ok. But, what if you don’t want to place Ads. What if you are good at networking, socializing and connecting with other people on a personal level, and prefer to apply that as a strategy to attract other’s attention to what you have to offer? Well, the same things you do in the “real world” like attending networking and socializing events, you try to mimic in the virtual world. Search for social media platforms that connects people to other people. The most trafficked intersection that does just that is called Facebook!

Digital and Social Media Marketing is both an Art and a Science

Owning a piece of real estate at a high-traffic intersection is also a big responsibility. There are allot of eyeballs, a huge amount of people looking at your piece of content and your advertising. Because advertising on these high-end sites is also more expensive, it is of utmost importance to spend your marketing dollars wisely through laser-focused targeting and smart messaging. Burning though your budget or damaging the reputation of your company are casualties you would like to avoid.

What do McDonald's and Online Marketing have in common? Location, Location, Location.

So where do I start?

Number one thing you have to do is finding and defining your niche. What is it exactly that you are offering, and why should anyone bother buying it from you? With other words, what is the problem you are solving, or needs and desires you are fulfilling with your product or service? Also, whom does it apply to?  And finally, what is your USP or Unique Selling Proposition, with other words, what sets you apart from your competition?

BANG! There it is!

That right there my friends, not only defines your niche and the kind of people or businesses that may be attracted to your offering, but also is the formula for creating the content for your Ad.

Your niche is the clue for searching and finding the intersection(s) on the Internet that applies to your business, and the content is the clue for the message you want to get across. Do you feel the magic?

Now go find your spot on the Internet. GO CLAIM YOUR PIECE OF REAL ESTATE! Because, like McDonald’s it’s all about location, location, location.

What do McDonald's and Online Marketing have in common? Location, location, location.

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