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successful digital & social marketing for business growth event

successful digital & social marketing for business growth event

Setting up a successful digital marketing campaign is an art and a science. Business owners and marketing professionals are showing a huge thirst and hunger for this topic, especially those who are now seeing the benefits of digital and are realizing they need to make a shift fast, and jump on the bandwagon right now.

Setting up and maintaining a Facebook page is one thing, but knowing how to target new customers on the Net and attracting them with valuable content, irresistible offers, engaging them in the process and making a profit, is whole other ball game.

Contrary to traditional (push) marketing, digital marketing (if done right) enables you to track and analyze the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, and saving valuable marketing dollars as well. At Expandeer we have been slashing customer’s marketing budgets with up to 50% repeatedly.

Event Registration Maxed-out 3 times

Last Friday’s event (Digital & Social Marketing for Business Growth) was a big success because business owners and marketing & sales professionals are finally waking up. We had to increase the maximum attendees for the event in Eventbrite three times, and still it sold out. We even had to change the venue of the event and move to a bigger place. But, we are happy we did so because the new venue (New York Curacao Steaks & Beach Club) offered a very relaxed ambiance, especially for the obvious networking afterwards. Check out the event wrap-up video below.

Watch on Youtube: First Expandeer Curacao Event – Digital & Social Marketing for Business Growth

About Expandeer

Expandeer helps companies acquire more customers, increase revenues and succeed online.

Expandeer is a digital marketing agency that specializes in marketing automation, digital services and social content. We help companies look beyond traditional mass marketing and implement digital solutions to enable more predictable, rapid and profitable revenue growth. Expandeer is headquartered in Aruba, with consultant teams in Argentina, Amsterdam and Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean.

Find out how to transition from traditional mass marketing to more predictable, profitable growth.

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