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Mobile Remote Camera Towers – Easy Setup in 5 Minutes

Imagine being able to move your vantage point from location to location, without the traditional complexities of wiring for power and communications. Relying on high resolution IP cameras, wireless technology and on-board storage to capture, store and deliver your footage.

Construction surveillance, crowd control, traffic monitoring, industrial surveillance, festivals, special events. Endless possibilities from a simple yet flexible unit.

Born from a need for an affordable, yet cleverly designed and highly functional remote camera tower, we try to deliver the absolute highest value in mobile surveillance. A user friendly, easily deployable solution for your ever changing surveillance needs.

Main advantages of the MRCT are: – Easily relocatable (integrated trailer) – Independent electrical power (solar) – Min. 5 days of backup battery power – Wireless (3G/4G, WiFi, and many more) – Supports up to 3 megapixel cameras – Optional built-in GPS system

The MRCT is ideal for: – Construction sites – Crowd control – Traffic monitoring – Industrial surveillance – Festivals and special events – …you fill in the gaps!

Organizations that may benefit greatly from this solution are: – Construction companies – Security surveillance companies – Law enforcement agencies – …and many more!




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