Need a Cleaner?

Do you know what is really going on in your IT infrastructure and IT organization? Do you have full visibility and control?

Okinawa Consulting is an IT consulting firm offering a comprehensive set of services geared towards the optimization of IT infrastructures and IT organizations.

Advisory Services

Okinawa provides a comprehensive set of IT consulting services. Main areas include:

  • IT Strategy
  • IT Organization
  • Operational Excellence
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • IT Project Management
  • Technology Trends

Overtime, IT personnel come and go, and often leave business owners totally confused and in the dust. Does this sound familiar to you:

No proper inventory and documentation of your IT assets, and how these interconnect with each other.

No proper or missing documentation of systems configuration.

No visibility into ongoing issues and the health of your IT infrastructure: no tracking of incidents, problems and changes

No clarity in authorization levels, i.e. who has access to your systems, applications and data (including the leaving IT personnel)

Sometimes they call us “The Cleaner”!

sweep-WSOur customers hire us on a regular basis to bring clarity into Everything IT, so that you as the business owner will know exactly what is going on and also what the next steps are you need to take to bring both your IT infrastructure and IT organization to the desired configuration and operational level.

These are the main activities we perform when we get in with our Expert “Cleaner” Team:

  1. Baseline Infrastructure Scans: A complete inventory based on the following questions: what do I have (assets), where are these (location), how are these interconnected, what is their current health level, who has access to what (authorizations)
  2. Gap Analysis: We interview business owners and their managers to know what the current and future business and operational goals are, and use the Baseline Infrastructure Scan to identify exactly what is missing, or what needs to be changed: technology, configuration, security, procedures, and people.
  3. Optimization Mapping: Based on the Gap Analysis, budgetary constraints, and urgency levels, our expert team maps out a phased approach to get from where you are right now to your ideal setup: project planning, needed resources, cost calculations, and milestones.

The result of the previous three activities is a Full Detailed Report which gives you complete visibility into the current status of your IT infrastructure and IT organization, and also What To Do Next!

  • Turnkey Deployments and Execution: The result of the previous three activities is a Full Detailed Report which gives you complete visibility into the current status of your IT infrastructure and IT organization. Based on this report you may decide to hire another company to execute the recommendations given in this report, or you may hire our own professionals to get the job done. This is totally up to you.
  • Interim Operations Management: The same is true for IT operations. In the event you still do not have the needed personnel in place to manage the day to day operations of the IT infrastructure and the IT organizations, we can give you the temporary peace of mind you deserve. We maintain your systems running at optimum levels, give end-user support, handle and register all incoming incidents, problems, change requests, workarounds and solutions, and report back to you on a continuous basis. We give you full access and visibility into everything that’s going on, urgent issues that need your immediate attention, and assist you in making informed decisions.

Okinawa is your gateway to continuous improvement of your enterprise architecture.

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