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Okinawa Consulting is an IT consulting firm offering a comprehensive set of services geared towards the optimization of IT infrastructures and IT organizations. Okinawa is your gateway to continuous improvement of your enterprise architecture.

We are also specialized in the design and implementation of network video surveillance infrastructures, with successfully completed projects in the financial, telecommuncation and gaming industry.

Okinawa is committed to the introduction of unique solutions to its customers. Often these are cutting-edge solutions that may be the missing piece of the puzzle your organization have been looking for.

Through sharp analysis of existing structures and an open mind to innovation we can help rethink the way we do things and propose solutions that make sense to your business.

This is our promise: A thorough understanding of your business needs and a strong commitment to your success.

Anthony Rhuggenaath
Founder & CEO Okinawa Consulting

IT Consulting: Advisory Services

Okinawa provides a comprehensive set of IT consulting services. These services include:

  • IT Strategy
  • IT Organization
  • Operational Excellence
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • IT Program Management
  • Technology Trends

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Network Video: Physical Security

Okinawa is specialized in network video surveillance infrastructures. Most installations are still running on analog technology, while network video solutions offer the following benefits:

  • Remote accessibility
  • Easy, future-proof integration
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Distributed intelligence
  • Proven technology

Since a couple of seminars we organized in 2009, now also other security integrators started to believe in the application of mega-pixel technology and offering this to their customers as well.

Request a full copy of the document “The benefits of going digital” here.

We service both medium and large organizations. The solutions we offer to these type of organizations start from 16 cameras, and can scale to hundreds of cameras. Through turn-key projects we deliver an integrated solution consisting of a myriad of technologies, including mega pixel and HDTV cameras, specialized video storage servers, structured network cabling and/or wireless networks, and solar energy equipment for remote installations.


Okinawa’ approach always starts with a functional requirements analysis (“what do you want to see, in what detail”), and a site survey. The collected information in combination with other information (i.e. the retention time of the video images, building and perimeter maps, etc) will be translated in a preliminary design and a technical requirements document. This document forms the base to determine the choice of camera brand/models, video management software, video storage equipment, and the wired/wireless network mix.

Okinawa also has special packages for small business and residential customers. Typically these type of solutions consist of a maximum of 4 cameras.

Why Okinawa?

Equipment Installation and System Integration

Okinawa Consulting is a turnkey technology integrator, with expertise in full deployment of new IP-based video surveillance systems or converting existing analog or CCTV systems. Okinawa Consulting designs, recommends, sells, and installs both stand-alone infrastructures as camera systems to enable video hosting, with successfully implemented solutions in the financial, telecommunication, transportation, petrochemical, hospitality and gaming industry.

IT Advisory Services

Being also an IT Consulting firm, Okinawa profiles more than 20 years experience in the IT industry.
Okinawa provides a comprehensive set of IT consulting services. How this benefits the customer? This benefits the customer especially when having to design and install the needed technological infrastructures, back-end server systems and applications, both wired as wireless communications, and on-site or remote energetic solutions.

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